Proposal for donation link in Thunderbird 31

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Nov 22 17:14:10 UTC 2013

Irving Reid wrote, On 22.11.2013 17:40:
> I'm concerned about any plan that lets users put $$ on specific bugs. 
> Our biggest hindrance isn't so much money as it is availability of 
> people with both time and expertise to fix even the most pressing 
> issues in our backlog.

I for one would be happy to work on Thunderbird, and be available. I 
just haven't found anybody who would pay me for it.

(And I think I've done enough to contribute on my own time, over all the 

> We already have problems with people getting angry about their 
> particular issue not being addressed. Adding "I put $50 on that bug!" 
> to the existing "Why do you idiots have 10-year-old bugs?" comments 
> isn't going to be very attractive

Yeah. That's why the message during the donation process must be *very* 
clear that the donation is to the project, and the voting is just a 
government structure. People need to understand, before they donate. 
Just putting up a "Donation" button will go wrong on a social level, yes.

> I suppose we could annotate bugs with a ball-park cost of fixing, to 
> give people an idea of how much they would need to pledge to attract 
> attention

That's not really feasible, because you can't even give a ballpark 
figure (that can be depended on) for a bug until you're done 1/3 of the 

You'd think that we'd learn with experience, but it still happens to me 
all the time. Concrete example: Simple feature, "SPECIAL USE" folders, I 
thought it would take 1-2 days, told the customer max. 5 days, got 
dragged by reviewer and code into collateral changes, spent 5 full days, 
and the feature work itself has barely been started.

One of the big uncertainties in estimating for me is the review, in 
fact. What will the reviewer demand? Will it just go through, or does he 
demand refactoring? How responsive is he (hours, days, weeks)? This is 
where most of my calculations go right out of the wide-open window. (But 
review is a separate discussion, not for this thread. Just wanted to 
mention that it's a major time factor.)


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