Proposal for donation link in Thunderbird 31

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Nov 21 19:52:25 UTC 2013

Kent James wrote, On 21.11.2013 20:29:
> I'd like to at least point out that using prior-paid donations managed 
> by a central group to fund bug bounties does solve the problem of 
> having a "go to" for approval and payment.

That's right. But that's high overhead. Private users simply don't pony 
up the necessary sums. Experience (discussed and tried often) says it 
doesn't work. We have to admit that it should work, but doesn't, and 
move on.

I agree with Gerv that a generic pool, centrally managed, is better. And 
I agree that bugzilla votes should be a factor in the decision.

I think something along the lines of Kickstarter where 1 dollar buys you 
1 vote could work well. You donate 10 dollars, and you have 10 votes to 
spend on one or several bugs. You must donate now, though, and there's 
no guarantee that you'll get your feature, you donate to the project and 
the voting is just a way to steer in the right direction. The features 
with the most votes/work-effort get picked and the funds are used for them.

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