Proposal for donation link in Thunderbird 31

ace acelists at
Wed Nov 20 21:57:27 UTC 2013

This is already possible in small scale. See
I do not know if it works and anybody got some money from past bounties,
but this is what I encountered.


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Subject: Proposal for donation link in Thunderbird 31
From: Robert P. Goldman <rpgoldman at>
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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 09:21:11 -0600

> What about having bounties for particular tickets, too?  I get
> disheartened when every now and then I get a bugzilla email, only to
> find that it's just someone else signing up to be notified of ticket
> status....  Maybe one could do a kickstarter sort of thing where you
> sign up for a bounty, but only pay if enough co-sponsors join in so that
> a useful amount of money is raised.
> cheers,

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