TB and AMO...

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at beonex.com
Wed Nov 20 21:45:59 UTC 2013

Kent James wrote, On 20.11.2013 18:11:
> Ben, there was a conference meeting about a week ago with the 
> Marketplace & AMO team (such as it is) and various people involved in 
> the Mozilla mailnews community. The overall result of that meeting was 
> that there are no active plans to eliminate Thunderbird or SeaMonkey 
> from AMO, and that the Marketplace team was willing to consider the 
> needs of these other applications.

Thanks for the update.

> There was a distinct sense that the team did not understand why there 
> was suddenly such a furor of concerns, and any such concerns were 
> quite premature and unwarranted.

If you read Wil Clouser's post unbiased, you must have serious concern.

> For the long term, my general concern for Thunderbird is that, as time 
> goes on, we may find more and more individual teams in Mozilla that 
> question whether it is worth their effort to continue Thunderbird 
> (and/or SeaMonkey) support

What shocks me was that the question is raised at all.
The "cost of support" is to add a button to the UI, and similar 
adaptions. And most of these changes (Download button) will improve 
things for Firefox, too.

The problem is a lack of awareness and appreciation within Mozilla, not 
the work involved.
We are Mozilla. Thunderbird is part of Mozilla.

Maybe that's the lesson we need to learn from this, to gain more 
mindshare within Mozilla. Anybody still remember the keyword "dogfood"? 
If our own people don't use the product, we need to change it so that 
they want to use it.


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