Proposal for donation link in Thunderbird 31

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Nov 20 09:23:05 UTC 2013

Hi John,

You are welcome not to trust Mozilla if you do not wish to, but you are
unlikely to find a collection of allies here on a Mozilla mailing list.

On 20/11/13 00:44, John Allen wrote:
> I beg to disagree, Mozilla and their sponsors (which I believe is
> Google) want everything in their "Cloud". So that they can data mine
> everything about us. Remember we are not the customer/user we are the
> product to companies like Google, M$ ...

I have not seen any evidence within Mozilla that our deals with any
search engine have led us to take actions which are not also in the best
interests of users.

> It is not an immediate problem, however as its Mozilla's License,
> Mozilla can change the terms at any time. 

Perhaps it might be wise to be aware of Mozilla's track record in regard
of how they go about changing the MPL before suggesting that there is a
non-zero chance that this may happen in the way you imply.


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