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Hi Onno,

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speed, hope this is ok)

I think both had a good ingredient but lacking another

1 - Geary probably had some good community support. But donations were not mandatory 
(or it didn't succeed in persuading enough users to donate)
2 - Postbox made the money part mandatory, but doesn't have a great community or even 
product support. Their model is "we do not invest anything in the community or support 
- just use the forum if you need it". Plus they kind of stopped development and 
stopped talking to Addon authors about a year ago; which makes it feel like a dead 

I think Thunderbird  has both critical mass enough to get more donations and still 
more momentum than Postbox. The art is to persuade users that there will be innovation 
following the investment. I think we definitely definetly need some marketing people 
to help us out here!

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> On 11/19/2013 10:29 AM, Vincent wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I would also be happy to donate and I think that many users would be too. In fact, 
>> I believe that Thunderbird will just slowly disappear without income that would 
>> allow important developments (make maildir the default, new address book, compose 
>> in a tab,...).
>> We should also keep in mind the Geary experience (and why they fails) 
>> <>. I 
>> think Thunderbird can success where Geary fails, because it is a lot more famous 
>> that Geary.
> I hadn't heard of Geary, but I've heard of Postbox which isn't a big succes and I've 
> heard of Pegasus, which has been my favorite email client for a long time (when my 
> email was still stored on a Novell Netware server), but which also had problems 
> raising enough funds even for one developer. (Pegasus tried it by selling manuals, 
> if i remember correctly).
> Only when you can make the donations repeating/annual I think you may have a way to 
> raise a substantial amount of money. But it should be crystal clear to the 
> contributors what happens with their money...
> Onno
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