Gittip and Thunderbird

Paul Morris paul at
Tue Nov 19 17:47:47 UTC 2013

In relation to the proposal for a donation link in Thunderbird (which I think is both a good idea and a rather obvious move to make), I wonder if Gittip might be helpful in one way or another as part of, or in addition to, such a donation link.  Here's the Gittip site:

It's a tool for making weekly payments to individuals (or organizations) to support whatever work they do (often this is volunteer work on free/open-source software).  

Two possibilities that are not mutually exclusive:

1. Set up a TB organization account on Gittip and have that as an option for people who want to make recurring donations.

2. Individuals working on TB could set up Gittip accounts and then in some way TB could make TB users aware of a TB contributors list with links to their Gittip pages, allowing TB users to make recurring payments directly to those working on TB.

Note that Gittip does not make any money off of transactions that go through it.  They only charge a minimal fee to cover the cost of the credit card fees.  Gittip is itself funded by donations made through Gittip.  (I'm not affiliated with Gittip, I just like their approach.)  More info:

I don't want to distract from the discussion of the proposal for a donation link in general by getting into implementation details, but I thought I would bring this up as an interesting possibility, FWIW.


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