Is Squeaky an opt-in project or something that we will be forced to use?

Eric Moore emoore at
Fri Nov 1 01:50:29 UTC 2013!topic/

"The Add-on File Registration System is intended to create an add-on 
file repository that all add-on developers need to submit their files 
to." "This system will allow us to better keep track of add-on IDs, be 
able to easily find the files they correspond to, and have effective 
communication channels to their developers. It's not a silver bullet to 
solve add-on malware problems, but it raises the bar for malware 

"Non-AMO developers will need to create an AMO account in order to 
register their files".

"If a user installs a file that is not registered, a message will be 
shown explaining that the file can’t be installed for their protection"

The proposal describes it as something that would be implemented in 

* Does anybody know whether it might actually be implemented in Gecko or 
some other shared library? My concern is that we might have no choice 
whether or not to support this system.

* Its "series of automatic malware checks" might block some Thunderbird 
add-ons because whoever designed the malware checks is focused strictly 
on Firefox.

* It doesn't seem compatible with the idea of a open web.

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