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Ludovic Hirlimann lhirlimann at
Mon May 27 02:00:22 UTC 2013

We've just released Thunderbird 22b and lightning a corresponding 
version of lightning. Our next major release is due in a few weeks with 
version 24. In order to catch anything that might have gone wrong since 
the release of version 17.This week we need our users to spend a few 
hours testing the
applications, so that anything that might have gone wrong in 
improvements and fixes since the last big release of version 17 can be 
caught. There are two ways to test, a formal way and a less formal way.

Let me start with the formal way - as it's the best way for us to know
the level of quality we've achieved with the products.

  * download thunderbird at and Lightning
  *   go to and
    start following the tests - try to also do test that have not been
    done yet
  *   file bugs for anything not working at
    , and in the advance field make the bug blocking bug 870347

The informal way of testing is just to switch your daily usage of 
Thunderbird to the beta version above and make sure that : you send 
crash reports and you file bugs in bugzilla as described above.

During the testing week we will be available for chat on #tb-qa 
(on to help you the best we can - please be patient as 
we might
be there but not answer so quickly.

Ludovic for the quality team.

[:Usul] SRE Team at Mozilla
QA Lead fof Thunderbird

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