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Fri Mar 15 06:46:38 UTC 2013

It does not make a difference if the work is paid for or not if in the end the contributions is mpl2 and follows the review process. I assume you (Mike) will have to have a final say on the proposed features.
Pretty obvious but thought I'd mention it ;-)

In general, this is good news, right?
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Mike Conley <mconley at> wrote:


A company from Slovakia has contacted me asking about address book 
developments. They have a vested interest in getting CardDAV sync 
support working in Thunderbird (SoGo Connector doesn't give them what 
they need). I told them that I hack on it in my free time; and they 
offered that they might be able to afford a contractor to hack on it 
full-time, alongside me.

I've given them a brief description of what developer skills are 
required (primarily JS, some C++ would be nice, HTML and XUL an asset), 
and that searching the existing Mozilla development community is 
probably a good first step.

I also mentioned that I'd tell the TB planning group to see if we could 
drum up any suggestions for contractors.

Anyhow, I just wanted to keep you all posted on this. Thoughts?


PS:, looking for a contract? :)
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