Tabbed Composition - implementation questions

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at
Mon Mar 11 08:05:09 UTC 2013

On 3/1/13 7:26 AM, Liam Edwards-Playne wrote:
> After this, I have to finish porting OpenComposeWindow, which includes:
> - integrating GetOrigWindowSelection to use the new compose tab mode
> - integrating LoadDraftOrTemplate - which is a tricky function 
> compared to the others because it goes down a long road of function 
> calls (DisplayMessage onwards) before it reaches any UI-related code.
> - integrating ComposeMessage to iterate through open draft tabs
> - rewrite the argument passing mechanism (nsMsgComposeParams) to use 
> something other than window.arguments - MsgComposeCommands.js
> - some other misc. stuff todo with js string encoding
> After that, some more things:
> - Rewrite the code to close the message tab (so it doesn't try to 
> close the window and crash)
> - Redesign the UX so there are not 2 menu bars - this will be very 
> interesting
> - Add options similar to "Preferences->Advanced->Reading and Display" 
> (open message in new tab/window etc.)
Can you also add - add tests tests tests and more tests ?


SRE Team
QA Lead for Thunderbird

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