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Yango Pohl yango.pohl at zahnunfall.de
Mon Mar 4 20:48:54 UTC 2013

Hi, all,
I'm what could be called a sophisticated user. Use some scripting myself 
(batch, some javascript for own website, but for both help forum in the 
internet a necessity, most often http://www.typerscript.de/ which is 
quite interesting since the variables contain two values, a string and a 
digit, so programming is easier sometimes).
Nevertheless there is always the feeling that software is somehow 
incomplete or unprofessional if the user shall use own additional 
scripts, even if it is easier - which the user doesn't know.

Important seems to me, that the user is either guided excellently (to 
not overcharge less experienced), or is offered an easy (=actual filter 
dialogue) or professional dialogue.

I could quite easy build up quite complex rules with ms outlook 2003; 
you are guided through several dialogues (which is boring if you just 
want to install an easy filter; maybe there was a shortcut, but if, then 
I missed it) thus you can't make severe mistakes... and you are not 
shocked by a complex dialogue.
Thus, the nested filters from Axel - not a bad idea, I more and more 
like it...


Am 04.03.2013 19:01, schrieb Kent James:
> Axel and tb-planning,
> I don't really have many specific comments on your general proposals, 
> other than to say that I have pushed for years for some UI guru to try 
> to work on the problem of designing a usable interface for boolean 
> filters.
> But from the FiltaQuilla perspective, for sophisticated users the 
> easiest way to do boolean filters is with a javascript custom search 
> term. So a search term like:
>   If sender OR recipient  is "myfriend at mail.com" AND subject contains 
> "Viagra"
> is really simple as a javascript custom search term.
> :rkent

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