Wayne Mery (Thunderbird QA) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Thu Jun 27 17:25:19 UTC 2013

On 6/26/2013 5:47 PM, Gervase Markham wrote:
> On 26/06/13 14:39, David Ascher wrote:
>> Maybe.  If those 12,000 people end up unhappy because TB doesn't do
>> things that Eudora let them think they would be able to get, it ends
>> up being a lot of noise and unhappy folks.
> Well, at the moment they are using old, unsupported software (either the
> original or those dead OSE builds). Which isn't good for them either.

I provided some support in bug reports and crash-stats in their early 
days so I had some contact with users and can offer some observations.

OSE is indeed dead on several levels
- developers who built it (qualcomm) are gone since about spring 2010. 
Once qualcomm stopped paying for their time on the project their 
involvement naturally ended.
- user support forum, cited on several wiki pages, no longer functions 
since some time after April 2012
- given loss of support forum, although "qualcomm" was great about 
supporting the effort, one might expect qualcomm's web resources to 
disappear at any time
- having been based on Thunderbird 3.0.4, circa spring 2010) it has many 
unfixed severe performance, stability and security issues.

Some further insight about OSE/eudora users :
- I've encountered very few who migrated to Thunderbird
- of those that are dissatisfied with OSE, many or most seem drop back 
to eudora classic rather than go to Thunderbird
- in short, they love eudora UI and eudora functionality

So it is worth restating Matt's point - it has surprised me that 
essentially none of the OSE functionality has been ported to Thunderbird.

> Can we figure out how to set expectations appropriately?
> "Eudora is dead. Sorry about that. Nothing we can do. Thunderbird is
> different - we make no apologies - but it's alive and being developed.
> Why not try it? Go here..."
> Gerv

We should be able to frame the situation for users in the wiki by 
offering Thunderbird as an alternative. But I wouldn't suggest at this 
point totally cutting them off from OSE.

A step beyond gerv's initial proposition might be to offer to existing 
OSE users information about the state of affairs. Perhaps in their start 
page?  Further yet is to entice eudora users to Thunderbird, but we'd 
need to offer more eudora-like features before making that pitch.

Back to the 12,000 hits per month on wiki - I question whether most of 
them are "real" users looking to migrate from classic Eudora or existing 
OSE users looking for help or information. It might help to  get some 
numbers from crash-stats or AMO on how many are running OSE.  And note, 
eudora "classic" is still available from qualcomm website. Plus, I 
forget where I read it, my understanding is there are many thousands of 
eudora users.

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