Tracking bugs for Thunderbird 24

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Jun 19 09:36:51 UTC 2013

We're now in the phase of stabilising TB 24 for the next releases.

To help us with getting it stable, if there are significant regressions,
or other usability issues in the betas, please ensure bugs are filed,
and they have the flag "tracking-thunderbird24" set to "?".

Please ensure they have clear STR, and an impact analysis might help as
well if it isn't clear from the bug.

We will then review these and either track or not.

Some additional notes:

  * New features and other new changes will obviously not be tracked.
  * If a bug is not a significant regression/issue, but there is a patch
    and you would like to get that in for TB 24. Please *do not* request
    "tracking-thunderbird24", but request "approval-comm-aurora" or
    "approval-comm-beta" on the patch once it has been reviewed.
      o Details about patches which may be pushed to branches can be
        found here:

The bugs that are being tracked are the ones we will focus on over the
next couple of cycles as TB 24 moves towards release.

You can view the bug queries for the tracking lists here:

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