Removing test pilot from Thunderbird

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Jun 19 08:23:37 UTC 2013

Just a heads-up.

Unfortunately, we've never quite made the use of test pilot in
Thunderbird what we could have. Now, Firefox is removing the current
version of test pilot, (bug 867445
<>) and implementing
a revised version (bug 840108

Additionally, Gecko is now removing a function that Test Pilot relies on.

There's been in the past complains about memory usage and other issues
when test pilot is installed, although as far as I know there's been no
confirmed issues.

Given this all of this, but especially the Gecko breakage and what
Firefox are doing, I am accepting that we'll remove test pilot
<> from Thunderbird.
If we want to re-implement it with Test Pilot 2 (or whatever it gets
called) then we can do, but for now, I think we might as well remove the
current version of Test Pilot, rather than trying to fix the issues it

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