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Does Thunderbird use any Google APIs?  If so, we'll need to look into
getting a new API key.

Full context here:


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On 15/06/2013 06:20, Doug Turner wrote:
> Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> And does it mean each and every developer will need keys for any and all
>> of these services, if they're to test these features in their own builds
>> as they're working on them?
> Yes.  Just like chromium.
> I should also point out that there are like 3 people that need to worry 
> about this at this point. Most of them work for me and are all squared 
> away. :)


SeaMonkey: Uses Geolocation and Safe Browsing APIs from Google.

Thunderbird: Has code to use Safe Browsing API from Google but this code
is currently disabled.


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