Thunderbird and Lightning/calendar bugday³

Ludovic Hirlimann ludovic at
Mon Jun 10 07:57:23 UTC 2013

Hello Thunderbird and Lightning/calendar enthusiasts. We need your help! 
Help us to make the next "big release" of Thunderbird, Thunderbird 24, 
the best release ever.

On June 12 skilled help will be available via online chat to assist you, 
for as little or as long as you like, in doing the following:

* Help other users by checking their bug reports to see if you can 
reproduce the behavior of their reported problem

* Get advice about your own bug report

* Help other users in the support forum to see if a user needs to file a 
bug report

No coding or special skills are required. And you don't need to be an 
expert or long term user of Thunderbird.  You simply need to be using 
Thunderbird to help other Thunderbird users. Or to help with calendar 
issues you need to be a user of Lightning.

Just a little bit of your time will contibute to making Thunderbird 
and/or Lightning better for yourself and for others. Please see the 
details at

We look forward to having your help, and seeing you online in the chat 

The Thunderbird QA Team

[:Usul] SRE Team at Mozilla
QA Lead fof Thunderbird

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