The gaia e-mail backend is now using Thunderbird's IMAP and SMTP fake-servers. Props to jcranmer!

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Thu Jul 25 01:57:42 UTC 2013

On 07/24/2013 09:05 PM, Joshua Cranmer 🐧 wrote:
> Do you envision adding features to fakeserver? I'm guessing that many 
> of them would be desired by the mailnews testing code as well. If so, 
> then it is probably worth discussing an easy to share the fakeserver 
> modules (and maybe eventually other code too) between Gaia and 
> Thunderbird.

Sure, as we consume new IMAP extensions or feature permutations we 
absolutely need/want test coverage provided by the IMAP fake-server.  So 
far this has just been extending the SEARCH functionality a little.  
Future enhancements would likely entail some additional 
CONDSTORE/QRESYNC, server-side message search, conversation-aware stuff 
(gmail and fastmail/Cyrus's XCONVERSATIONS extension), perhaps some type 
of SIEVE support, etc.

>> The current execution environment for the code is a xulrunner 
>> instance, but given current direction a very likely course of action 
>> is to try and get the fake-servers running under node.js and trying 
>> to spin them off into a separate project/repo so that their use is 
>> not restricted to just people hacking on the Thunderbird back-end or 
>> the Gaia e-mail app back-end.  (I guess we might pursue re-licensing 
>> them under Apache 2 if possible at that point too?  Joshua, how do 
>> you feel about re-licensing? :)
> As I'm not the sole author of the code, so I don't know to what extent 
> it is legal to relicense with just my permission. The other people who 
> share significant contributions to this code (according to) are David 
> Lechner, Ben Bucksh, Mark Banner, Atul Jangra, David Bienvenu, and 
> Phil Lacy. I don't have any problems relicensing myself, but you might 
> to check with them as well.

Definitely can't/wouldn't do it without their permissions.  If any of 
the people on the list want to sign off on Apache 2 relicensing, feel 
free to respond to this thread :)


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