The gaia e-mail backend is now using Thunderbird's IMAP and SMTP fake-servers. Props to jcranmer!

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Wed Jul 24 04:19:52 UTC 2013

The Firefox OS Gaia E-mail app's back-end has just landed support to 
re-use Thunderbird's IMAP and SMTP fake-servers for its tests.  This is 
a huge help to us and I very much want to call out jcranmer's initiative 
and excellent work in creating the fake-servers and JS MIME parser which 
helps power them.  (The JS MIME parser is even used by our ActiveSync 

This work landed as part of and more discussion 
can be found on the dev-gaia list specifically in

The tip of the fake-server as we use them can be seen here:

The vendor branch setup I'm using to track against Thunderbird upstream 
can be seen here (note that the branch is "thunderbird-fakeserver-vendor"):

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that there's an easy-way to compare just 
that sub-tree of the branches to avoid seeing all of the many other 
implementation changes that have occurred.  I think the easiest way is 
to just clone the gaia-email-libs-and-more repo and then run 
file-specific diffs like the following so as to avoid seeing the added 
files, etc:

git diff thunderbird-fakeserver-vendor 
git diff thunderbird-fakeserver-vendor 

The current execution environment for the code is a xulrunner instance, 
but given current direction a very likely course of action is to try and 
get the fake-servers running under node.js and trying to spin them off 
into a separate project/repo so that their use is not restricted to just 
people hacking on the Thunderbird back-end or the Gaia e-mail app 
back-end.  (I guess we might pursue re-licensing them under Apache 2 if 
possible at that point too?  Joshua, how do you feel about re-licensing? :)


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