Autoconfig specs

Christian Rößner cr at
Sat Jul 6 08:21:35 UTC 2013

> * Blake Winton <bwinton at>:
>> It kind of already does, in that it will show <>
>> one IMAP and one POP3 server, if you have both listed.
>> I don't believe there are any plans to support multiple servers of
>> one type, since that seems like an edge-case, and one that would in
>> general confuse users more than it would help them.  (Of all the
>> autoconfigs we have, no-one has asked for multiple servers of the
>> same type yet.)

automx does support multiple servers. Yesterday I spent some time for tests. So at this point, we will keep this functionality. From the point of usability, I agree that multiple servers might be too complicated.

Are there any further documents, which describe the XML tags in detail. Syntax, requirement, quantity, … We currently implemented as many options, as it requires to get a configuration. There are tags like <identity> or <domain>, … that are not clear enough for my understanding :)

>> As a side note, automx looks like a pretty sweet tool!
> We'd be honoured if Mozilla used it at
> ttps://

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