Thunderbird versioning/Naming.

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Sat Jul 6 04:06:12 UTC 2013

On 7/5/2013 10:00 AM, Josiah Bruner wrote:
> Could you give some examples of the potential issues? Thanks!

Thunderbird version 3.0 is built on Gecko 1.9.1 and JavaScript 1.8.1, 
which powers Firefox 3.5 (except when it was 3.1) and Seamonkey 2.0
Firefox 4 (ex-3.7) uses Gecko 2.0 (ex-1.9.3) and JS 1.8.5 [no 
corresponding TB release]
Firefox/Thunderbird 1.5 is JS 1.6, Gecko 1.8.0, while Gecko 1.8 is JS 
1.7 and Firefox/Thunderbird 2.0.

I, for one, like sanity in versioning. As a developer, it means I can 
read "new in XXX 23" and know instantly where it applies, instead of 
having to track down a convoluted correlation chart.

Keeping the same version internally solves edge cases for issues like 
aurora/beta build versions, and I would in no way countenance a proposal 
to give the UI a different version number from the internal guts. For 
end users, the version numbers they care about are "up-to-date" and "not 
up-to-date." Let's not make it more complicated.

Joshua Cranmer
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