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>> There is only one thing which is missing here - if we follow this
>> "Microsoft Model" of naming the product, we will need additional
>> information visible to distinguish the maintenance releases; Following
>> the example of Microsoft Visual Studio, this would be something like Tb
>> 2014 SP 1 (Service Pack 1); this could than easily mapped back to our
>> internal version numbers (23.0.1, 23.0.2 etc.). Also this assumes there
>> is always only one "major" release per year, is this in sync with reality?
> No, the current release is 7cycles x 6weeks = 42 weeks which is shorter
> than a year. So either we extend the number of cycles or can do
> YEAR.MONTH version numbers.
hmm, I don't like fully coupling it to time variables (remember we still have a 6 
weeks cycle) - potentially you could have 2 security updates in short succession. And 
we shouldn't be tied to a fixed schedule (I thought this is exactly what this 
numbering gets us around).

So either Tb 2014.1  .. 2014.2 or better
Tb 2014
Tb 2014 SP1
Tb 2014 SP2
Tb 2014 SP3
Tb 2014 SP4

as the need arises.


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