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Hello AMO Admins!

on the Tb-Planning list we had a detailed discussion last year about the 
re-categorization of Thunderbird Extensions, now I would like to give the suggestions 
to the AMO administration team, trying to give an abridged version of the discussion.

The resulting list is available at this etherpad:


To track this item, I also just create this bug:

      Final List

The list, with some example addons for each:

  * Contacts {google contact, morefunction for address book, funambol}
  *   Message & News Reading {Conversations, Image Zoom, LookOut, Foxy Proxy, Compact
    Header, DispMUA)
  *   Folders & Filters {QuickFolders, FiltaQuilla, Quick Folder Move, Quick Filer,
    Folder Flags, Copy Sent to Current, Mail Summaries}
  *   Message Composition {highlight text, signature-switch, shrunked image resizer,
    Stationery, smartTemplate4}
  *   Calendar & Date / Time {Lightning, ReminderFox, FoxClocks, Sun Cult, Provider
    for Google Calendar, ThunderBirthDay}
  *   Dictionaries & Language support { Quick Translator, Quick Locale Switcher,
    Zombie Keys, Dictionary Switcher }
  *   Import / Export {Password Exporter, Message Filter Import/Export, accountex,
  *   Privacy & Security {Password Exporter, EnigMail, Master Password+,..}
  *   Appearance & Customization (could include addons that configure themes)
  * Chat & IM {Jabberpresence, TweeQuilla, New Account Types, Additional Chat
    Protocols} there are a few at https://addons.instantbird.org but I wouldn't bank
    on them being ported to TB any time soon.
      There is
  * /Message /Tags {TaQuilla, Tag Toolbar, Tb Conversations, Tags Toolbar } [few but
  * Miscellaneus {TEBE, Browsing, etc.}

      Rejected as Categories - Discussed as contentious

Signatures& Headers  [bwinton: part of Message Composing]
Toolbars & Folder Pane cusomization [bwinton: part of Appearance]
> I love this new list.
> Just one last thing: should we really make one category for Backup/Archiving and 
> another one for Import/Export? In my imagination, backup is just like a sort of 
> export, isn't it? And archiving is another way of moving messages throught 
> Thunderbird folders. Or maybe you should add  the add-ons that would be put in this 
> category because it is not clear for me right now.
> would flash be under "browsing", "reading" or "misecallaneus" ?? I think I listed 
> them in the "To Be Discussed" list.
Mark Banner
> I think flash could be under any of those categories - but we'd probably leave it up 
> to the author to decide (i.e. we'd just get them added).

>   I suggest we leave the new categorization to the addon authors themselves. Do we 
> allow listing in 2 Categories like in Firefox?
Note on Folders + Filters:
I meant filters that do filter actions (not the "filters" in search)

Joshua Cranmer

>       * Signatures & Headers
> This strikes me as two very different things smashed into one category, and I don't 
> think it's entirely clear from a user perspective what would go in here. "Signature" 
> is overloaded to mean both S/MIME-esque signatures as well as that little thing at 
> the bottom of every email, while I don't know how prevalent "headers" is in use in 
> the sense that it exists for email. If you look at things from a workflow 
> perspective, very likely everything here would go into message composing or message 
> reading anyways, so having a specific section for them isn't very useful.
>>   * Developer Tools
> I'm divided here. There is/will be definitely a sizeable set of tools to include in 
> here if we port a lot of the current devtools work to Thunderbird. On the other 
> hand, I am not sure making this an explicit category is any more beneficial than 
> publishing an add-on collection (or set of collections) for things like "this is 
> useful for debugging Thunderbird!"
Patrick Cloke
>     Chat & IM[this is going to be more important in the future, but  there are not
>     many extensions right now]
> For what it's worth, there's probably a variety of extensions on 
> addons.instantbird.org <http://addons.instantbird.org> that could be easily ported 
> (some would just require the extra Thunderbird info in install.rdf), but yes...right 
> now there's no extensions so it might be overzealous to include it...

*Axel Grude*
Software Developer
Thunderbird Add-ons Developer (QuickFolders, quickFilters, QuickPasswords, Zombie 
Keys, SmartTemplate4)
AMO Editor
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