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Axel axel.grude at
Wed Jan 23 12:14:17 UTC 2013

Its okay I got another link from Ludo. Also I only have 90Mbytes allowance left today, 
so I need to be frugal about my usage. :(

> You should be able to access the two links that I posted without credentials (one's 
> an html, one is an ics).
> At the meeting yesterday it was mentioned that the caldav link that JB posted did 
> need credentials. I've just tried it and it does indeed seem to want credentials. 
> I'll see if there's a way to open that up to non-staff.
> Mark.
> On 23/01/2013 07:22, Axel wrote:
>> Hello Mark,
>> I am not sure, do I need a mail addresss / password for accessing this? 
>> All my credentials are for (including the mozillians one), so I don't 
>> really know - or is this only available to mozilla staff?
>> thanks
>> Axel
>> <*BIG SNIP>*

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