Strategy for supporting large message folders

David Bienvenu mozilla at
Thu Jan 17 23:20:32 UTC 2013

On 01/17/2013 03:03 PM, Kent James wrote:
> I could be, but it isn't. Existing mbox databases have the key equal 
> to the offset, right? How do we change that?
Answered in previous e-mail...
> What happens when the offset gets > 4GB and someone is trying to 
> access a particular message in the database using the 32 bit key?
No one should be doing that.
> I'm not say it is impossible, I'm just saying it is a big, 
> regression-prone job that I don't think is worth taking on right now 
> (compared to getting maildir working correctly).
As I said earlier, if there is code that assumes a messageKey is the 
offset into the store, maildir isn't going to work either, because the 
msg key and the msg offset for maildir messages are never the same. 
msg_offset is always 0. And code that tries to treat maildir files as 
berkeley mailboxes won't work at all.

- David
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