Strategy for supporting large message folders

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Thu Jan 17 19:54:48 UTC 2013

msgKey is used as a key in the nsIMsgDatabase to get the msg hdr for a 
particular key, so yes, it's still used in all sorts of places in the 
code, but should not be used as the offset into the berkeley mailbox. If 
it were, maildir support would not work at all, instead of only kinda 

- David

On 01/17/2013 10:59 AM, Kent James wrote:
> On 1/17/2013 7:29 AM, David Bienvenu wrote:
>> On 1/16/2013 2:16 PM, Kent James wrote:
>>> I was looking today at trying to fix the relatively simple bug 
>>> 793865 "nsIMsgParseMailMsgState.envelopePos must be 64bits to 
>>> support large mbox folders", figuring that was one needed step on a 
>>> relatively small path to support >4GB mbox files in local folders. 
>>> But as I looked into it, we have never resolved the issue of a 32 
>>> bit nsMsgKey, which also equals the message offset in local folders. 
>>> It is a far from trivial issue to make progress on that.
>> There's a msg hdr property called something like "message-offset" 
>> that's used instead of the msgKey as the offset into the local 
>> folder, by the berkeley mailbox store. The msgKey is used for 
>> backwards compatibility if there is no message-offset. Are you saying 
>> the message-offset is never used, or sometimes not used?
>> - David
> What I am saying is that the 32 bit nsMsgKey which equals the offset 
> in the case of local mbox folders, is still used in way too many 
> places as a way to access the particular message in a folder.
> If I do an mxr search for nsMsgKey in mail folders, I get "Too many 
> hits, displaying the first 1000" I don't understand how the 
> application is supposed to work with message-offset as an alternative 
> to nsMsgKey in all of those places.
> I would love for you to tell me that I am incorrect. But just to pick 
> a few examples out of over 1000:
> nsIMsgDBView has "selectMsgByKey(in nsMsgKey key)" which is used in 
> mailContextMenus.js
> nsMsgFilterService has the array m_searchHits which stores search hits 
> by their nsMsgKey value
> I don't understand how those are supposed to work with a big mbox 
> where the offset has exceeded 4GB and the message-offset needs to be 
> used instead.
> :rkent
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