Strategy for supporting large message folders

Irving Reid irving at
Thu Jan 17 14:33:55 UTC 2013

On 13-01-17 5:57 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
> 1. Is this a limitation of the OS (32bit vs 64bit) or the Thunderbird
> application? Meaning, does Thunderbird running on a 64bit Windows have
> this limitation?

Both. As someone pointed out earlier, it is possible to run Thunderbird 
on platforms (FAT file systems, in particular) that don't support large 
files. Beyond that, the issue isn't 32 vs. 64 bit platforms; all of ours 
support large files (except on FAT file systems) even under 32 bit 
environments. However, there are also significant problems within 
Thunderbird itself that prevent large mbox files from working correctly.

> If so, would it be possible to fix this on 64bit platforms without the
> problems specified above?

No, the problems Kent lists are the minimum that needs to be fixed in 
order to work correctly with large files, even on 64 bit platforms.

> 2. Does this problem exist for Thunderbird natively compiled for and
> running on a 64bit version of linux?

I believe it does, yes.

  - irving -

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