Strategy for supporting large message folders

Maurice maurice at
Thu Jan 17 13:16:30 UTC 2013

On 2013-01-17 at 02:02 Matt said:

> I think 
> maildir is one of the great advances in Thunderbird for years.

  Indeed, yes! 
I can't wait for the maildir support to be firmed up, so I can move over 
from Linux's KMail ( an app I love but whose akonadification has 

> One thing I would like to float is a rebuild index mechanism.  One
> of  the truths behind maildir is people are going to fiddle in those
> folders adding and removing mails.  
> ... Simple and clean being the criteria, so anti virus
> vendors can implement it without having to understand much more than
> delete file or create file, and power users can invoke it without
> writing a line of code.

  Amen to that.

I would be happy to (try to) help with the testing.
/\/\aurice  (Retired in Surrey, UK)

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