Strategy for supporting large message folders

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Thu Jan 17 02:02:32 UTC 2013

On 17/01/2013 8:46 AM, Kent James wrote:
> What I propose is that instead of doing this, we just admit that local 
> mbox folders are limited in size to 4GB, make sure that any usage of 
> mbox folders does not allow >4GB operations, and put our efforts 
> instead to finishing the remaining issues in maildir support. Bug 
> 793865 would be resolved to WONTFIX. Perhaps this represents the 
> existing understanding, and I am just out of touch.
Admirable suggestion

> Existing 4GB bugs would be resolved by error reporting, preventing 
> operations from occurring if they would cause >4GB operations.
Perhaps a message advising to change to maildir could be implemented, 
plus a small wizard that just does the conversion and could be invoked 
to lead the user through. As there is no conversion code as yet, the 
wizard development could fill the dual role.

If you go forward, I am happy to spend some time testing as I think 
maildir is one of the great advances in Thunderbird for years.

One thing I would like to float is a rebuild index mechanism.  One of 
the truths behind maildir is people are going to fiddle in those folders 
adding and removing mails.  Anti virus programs will also be out and 
about.  Instead of leaving all these use cases to come up with a way to 
invoke a index rebuild we should have a mechanism similar to the 
parent.lock that its presence or absence invokes an MSF rebuild.  Simple 
and clean being the criteria, so anti virus vendors can implement it 
without having to understand much more than delete file or create file, 
and power users can invoke it without writing a line of code.

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