Autoconfig for and friends

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Wed Jan 16 19:08:33 UTC 2013

On 01/16/2013 02:00 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Maybe that's just me, but I think STARTTLS should be on the hard 
> requirements list of any mainstream email client today. (It's good 
> that you at least won't use unprotected connections.) If you don't 
> support STARTTLS, you won't get configs for many ISPs. It's not just AOL.

If you know of specific examples of ISPs that do not support SSL but do 
support STARTTLS, I'd definitely appreciate them.  Part of the reason I 
could not get the bug prioritized was that we didn't know of any where 
that case was true.  (Noting that I did not write a script to scan the 
ISP database and we did not consider cases where the ISP database only 
tells us about STARTTLS)


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