Autoconfig for and friends

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Wed Jan 16 19:14:23 UTC 2013

On 01/16/2013 02:05 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Thanks for the link. The code looks fishy anyway. It's setting 
> config.type = 'imap+smtp';, but I don't see it checking for IMAP 
> anywhere. There are a number of POP3 only configs in the ISPDB, 
> because the ISP has no IMAP. From a superficial look, the code would 
> suggest that you configure broken configs in these cases.

The explicit check for IMAP and against POP is not required because 
getNode uses XPath queries so that "incoming" is a node with 
@type='imap' or @type='activesync', so we only need to check for one to 
conclude the other.  In that case, we'll just skip the autoconfig option 
and keep going.  For the POP3-only case we'll end up telling the user 
that we have no config and they'll have to try manual configuration.


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