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Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Jan 15 08:08:35 UTC 2013

On 14/01/2013 23:21, Jim wrote:
> In bug 827549[1], a tester noticed that AOL's SMTP server supports SSL 
> (over port 465). This is important for the Gaia email app, since we 
> don't support STARTTLS yet. Should we add a listing in the autoconfig 
> files at to reflect AOL's support of 
> SSL-over-SMTP? It doesn't appear to be documented anywhere, but since 
> it's reported to work, could we offer it?
I believe we generally shouldn't add unsupported set-ups without 
confirming with the particular provider - they might take the option 
away without notice.

That said, I did see this page which implies the option is available 
(just not recommended by default :-( ): 
but even then, I think it would be worth a clarification anyway.


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