Thunderbird Gandi .ME promo results

Jb Piacentino jb at
Fri Jan 11 08:40:05 UTC 2013

On Thu Jan 10 23:48:47 2013, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Does that mean that a "decent" Freemail provider would be able to get
> in without money exchanged in either direction?
I want to think so - that makes sense. But does that exist? We need to 
be careful of hidden ties, ie ads or fishy policy
>> Unfortunately, as you very well know since you helped me in the past
>> on this for German provider, this not so easy though...
> Yeah, no idea why they didn't jump on it.
> Try <>. If there's a language barrier, I'd be happy to help.
Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately, I don't have time to scout and 
establish contacts with these partner: I'm happy to help reviewing the 
cases once the initial screening, policy & technical has been done.
> Ben

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