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Absolutely! I think Thunderbird needs more providers: we should add 
more provided that:
- Adding a service provider does not imply code mods that break the 
current release model.
- and we can have a business agreement, which in principles is
-- if they offer a free service and their quality of service is up to 
what TB users can expect from a TB recommended service, we'll simply 
ensure they are compliant with Mozilla policies.
-- if they have a commercial service and use TB as a distribution 
channel, TB should be retributed appropriately, ie for example as a 
percentage on their sales, in addition to Mozilla policies compliance.

Unfortunately, as you very well know since you helped me in the past on 
this for German provider, this not so easy though... (and require a 
little bit of BD work - which is fine with me I need to get involved)


On Thu Jan 10 17:37:56 2013, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> On 07.01.2013 15:43, Anne-Marie Bourcier wrote:
>> Regional split: 25% France, 25% USA, 8% CN, 4% UK, 4% DE.....
> Given that we have more users in Germany than in France, and Germans
> are no less inclined for pay offers than the French are, and Gandi is
> a French operator, this suggests that a native German offer would be
> appreciated.
> I suggest domainfactory, they seem competent and cheap.
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