kicking the maildir usability can up the street

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Mon Jan 7 17:59:31 UTC 2013

Concerning the issue of a meta bug for unresolved maildir issues: I've 
considered doing that myself, but it seemed like a search for "maildir" 
in the bug summary would accomplish the same thing. But if there is some 
naming issue with "maildir" then perhaps a meta bug would be a good idea.

As I've looked at my own efforts in the pre-24 cycle, I've considered 
several areas that would be appropriate to work in (other than solving 
bugs or regressions):

1) Additional filter contexts (on send, on archive, on schedule, on 
startup). Most of these though could be done more easily in an 
extension, so I might just add this initially to FiltaQuilla.

2) Resolving remaining issues with maildir.

3) Finishing the application of async database opening.

4) Fixing remaining issues with large mbox files.

For my own needs, a major project I have considered is to fix the 
summary database backend non-XPCOM references that prevent using an 
alternate database implementation (perhaps simplifying the db calls to 
separate calls that are specific to the needs of the MORK database).

But the time that I have to give to this is only about 6 hours per week. 
Lately I have not even been able to keep up with basic communications 
and review requests for core code, so whether I will get to all of these 
items remains to be seen.

Still, it does not seem that any of the remaining maildir issues are 
that difficult to address. Looking at your list of bugs, although 25 
appear on that list, there are really only two confirmed bugs that 
directly affect users (bug 765926 and 816304).


On 1/1/2013 11:58 AM, Wayne Mery (d531) wrote:
> Since Bug 402392 (plugable mail store) was fixed a year ago, progress 
> has slowed to the point where users might wonder whether the necessary 
> UI and stabililty will be available to users in TB24.
> Some of the work is defined in bugzilla, but
> - is the "official name" going to be maildir-lite or something else 
> (bug 753147),
> - is all the work to be done is defined in bugzilla [1],
> - do we want a unifying meta bug what we know needs to be done, and 
> for additional items that will crop up.  Bug 58308 has sort of served 
> that purpose until now, but bienvenu has stated that this bug is not 
> his goal - even though much converation leading to fixing bug 402392 
> is in bug 58308. And it doesn't seem right to continue such ativity in 
> bug 58308, unless a new bug is created for qmail maildir and bug 58308 
> is repurposed - which might be good, or might be messy.
> Plus, have I have mislabeled bug 402392? Should it be "(API for 
> pluggable mail store)" instead of "(prelude to pluggable mail 
> stores)"?  Or is that bug much more than API?
> Thoughts on the above and driving this in, well before TB24 becomes 
> Auroa?
> [1] all bugs mentioning "maildir - 
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