kicking the maildir usability can up the street

Wayne Mery (d531) vseerror at Lehigh.EDU
Tue Jan 1 19:58:29 UTC 2013

Since Bug 402392 (plugable mail store) was fixed a year ago, progress 
has slowed to the point where users might wonder whether the necessary 
UI and stabililty will be available to users in TB24.

Some of the work is defined in bugzilla, but
- is the "official name" going to be maildir-lite or something else (bug 
- is all the work to be done is defined in bugzilla [1],
- do we want a unifying meta bug what we know needs to be done, and for 
additional items that will crop up.  Bug 58308 has sort of served that 
purpose until now, but bienvenu has stated that this bug is not his goal 
- even though much converation leading to fixing bug 402392 is in bug 
58308. And it doesn't seem right to continue such ativity in bug 58308, 
unless a new bug is created for qmail maildir and bug 58308 is 
repurposed - which might be good, or might be messy.

Plus, have I have mislabeled bug 402392? Should it be "(API for 
pluggable mail store)" instead of "(prelude to pluggable mail stores)"? 
  Or is that bug much more than API?

Thoughts on the above and driving this in, well before TB24 becomes Auroa?

[1] all bugs mentioning "maildir -;list_id=5311394;short_desc=maildir;short_desc_type=allwords;type0-0-0=nowords;value0-0-0=count%20counts;product=MailNews%20Core;product=Thunderbird

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