Re: Address book developments

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Wed Feb 13 11:46:58 UTC 2013

> Od: "Mark Banner" <mbanner at>
> Komu: <acelists at>
> Dátum: 13.02.2013 12:34
> Predmet: Re: Address book developments
>>> Things like nsISupportsArray removals, should go on regardless - because
>>> of the m-c dependency. For example, we don't yet know when m-c will be
>>> ready to fully remove nsISupportsArray, but given the current focus, I
>>> think we can bet on it happening as soon as the person working on it can
>>> get reviews and everything landed.
>> I couldn't find any focus on nsISupportsArray removal from m-c.
>> Where is the bug with patches you talk about? I couldn't find anything relevant from the meta bug 792209.
>That would probably be the right bug, but it could be the folks working 
>on it haven't found/started using it yet... but the fact that the 
>nsITreeView bug is being worked on and there's been a bunch of other 
>bugs that have been closed by the same person within the last couple of 
>indicates to me that someone is working on it ;-)

Yeah, I was only counting the linked OPEN bugs :) That they do not cover the remaining usages in m-c. Yes, he is creating and linking new bugs as he progresses. I do the same for c-c I just link them to our c-c meta bug.

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