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Wed Feb 13 10:45:32 UTC 2013

On 11/02/2013 10:19, acelists at wrote:
> 2) on that page, can you provide some hints to other developers on the state of the /mail*/*/addressbook/* files? Will all those files go away and we should no longer put any effort into updating them (e.g. nsISupportsArray removal, JS updates (for..of, string manipulations)). Or will they just get slightly modified when the new AB lands?
Things like nsISupportsArray removals, should go on regardless - because 
of the m-c dependency. For example, we don't yet know when m-c will be 
ready to fully remove nsISupportsArray, but given the current focus, I 
think we can bet on it happening as soon as the person working on it can 
get reviews and everything landed.

Other changes, should probably be a balance of time versus improvement, 
although from the way I read Mike's email, Ensemble won't be in 24 there 
will just be some improvements to make it work with 24 - so there will 
be at least one more release with all these improvements in.


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