Address book developments

Mike Conley mconley at
Sun Feb 10 23:41:28 UTC 2013

Hello everybody,

So I've been actively working on Ensemble (my code-name for the address 
book rebuild), and I've decided to set a goal for Thunderbird 24, and I 
wanted some feedback.

The initial roadmap I had set for Ensemble puts Thunderbird integration 
far towards the end. I think I'd like to alter that roadmap, and start 
making some changes in mailnews / mail to allow for Thunderbird to 
access Ensemble's contact store, and to use it for populating 
autocomplete inputs, as well as the "From" field in the thread pane. I 
might put message filter support in that list as well.

This is my general thinking:

1) Start by moving the "allow remote content" whitelist out of the 
address book, and into something else. This is bug #457296, and Mark / 
Irving have made some good inroads here. Mark has a WIP patch that gives 
us a new, separate whitelist component. Irving has an alternative patch 
that would allow us to use nsPermissionManager with the mailto: scheme 
as our whitelist.

Irving's patch is currently stuck in review-hell (it looks like nobody 
really wants to pony up the time to weigh in on nsPermissionManager 

I'd like to lean on this bug a bit, and see if I can get a firm answer 
on how to move forward. Once we have a direction, we make the necessary 
alterations, and write some migration script to move the data from the 
current address book to the new mechanism.

2) Create a new, more general interface for Thunderbird to query the 
address book about things. nsIAbManager currently exposes too much 
information to the caller, and Ensemble will certainly not be 
implementing this interface.

 From what I can tell, this interface, very generally, needs to do the 

* Provide a list of the "sub-lists" of contacts
* Be usable by nsMsgDBView to populate the Author / Recipient cells in 
the thread-pane.
* Increment a notion of popularity for a particular email address 
(although, arguably, Ensemble could listen for send events and handle 
this internally)
* Allow Thunderbird to query for whether or not an address belongs to a 
particular sub-list (for spam whitelisting, for example)
* Allow Thunderbird to query for whether or not an address exists within 
the entire contact store

I don't think nsIAbCard is the best way to represent contacts through 
this new interface. Instead, I suggest that contacts be represented 
using the Contacts API nsIDOMContact interface. This is a modern 
interface that is likely to be maintained and extended as contact 
management evolves.

I also find it likely that if Firefox ever starts managing contacts 
(which it might - SocialAPI and WebRTC seem to hint at it), my best 
guess is that it will use this interface for Firefox OS interoperability.

So it might be in our best interests to adopt this interface for 
querying for contacts within Thunderbird.

Anyhow, this is getting really long.

TL;DR: I want to move the "allow remote content" out to 
nsPermissionManager (bug 457296), and I'm going to lean on that. I'm 
going to design and write a more general contact querying interface for 
Thunderbird's internals, and use nsIDOMContact as the contact 
representation interface.

Thoughts? Concerns? Am I walking into a minefield?


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