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Wed Feb 6 08:07:37 UTC 2013

On 2/5/13 4:58 PM, Vincent wrote:
> I gents,
> I am not sure that I could be there from the meeting, but I'd love to
> heard about the following points if someone has answers:
> - what about the migration from SUMOMO to SUMO? When is it planned?
No ETAs yet.
> - what about the new category for Thunderbird's addons on AMO? When is
> it planned?
It's being worked on by axel see the meetings notes for details
> - is it possible to have a link to a share calendar (not an ics file
> which may not be up-to-date in some weeks or months) for futures
> Thunderbird meetings?
> - I found unacceptable that MacAfee completely broke Thunderbird
> <>.
> Do we have any news about when a possible fix will be available?
I don't remember seeing any feeback on this ( last I heard a fix for
mcaffe was Q1).


SRE Team
QA Lead for Thunderbird

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