Thunderbird 27.0b1 is out - restricted locales on windows

Mark Banner mbanner at
Thu Dec 19 21:26:27 UTC 2013

Hi All,

We've just released Thunderbird 27.0b1. Unfortunately, due to an issue
with Windows repacks, we were unable to publish any locales for Windows
(although en-US is there, of course).

Given the closeness to the holidays, we decided that shipping the beta
on en-US, and on all locales on the other platforms was better than
trying to rush a fix, and then not release anything before the holidays..

The bug tracking fixing this is bug 951664
<>. We'll obviously
look into this more in January - I can't say at this stage if we would
do a 27.0b2 or just wait until 28.0b1 for publishing the locales.

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