Integrating HeaderToolsLite into Thunderbird

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I thought this happens to virtually everybody in the business world. People like to 
fragment threads (rather than replying per topic) so an easy way of re-threading would 
be great. Only thing is, this kind of advanced functionality is probably more suitable 
for an addon than for Core Thunderbird. I would really like to see some screenhots of 
the Outlook UI though on how they make that accessible to mere mortals.

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> Happens a lot for me. And this feature actually exist in outlook. Labels helps but not all email clients read them.
>> On 10 ???. 2013 ?., at 6:27, Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at> wrote:
>> Did it ever happen to you that somebody else sent you important information by replying to a totally unrelated email? And then, 1 week later, you had problems to find it, because you communicate a lot with that person, and you end up opening 10 emails until you find the one with the information?
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