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Tue Dec 10 04:43:37 UTC 2013

On Dec 9, 2013, at 2:47 PM, Kent James <kent at> wrote:

> The revelation that Firefox already has in some cases a start-page donation link is new information. 

A relevant point — the snippet on the Firefox home page which is sometimes used to ask for donations for “unrestricted” donations to Mozilla, not donations specifically to further Firefox. 

You can find information about that campaign at

> 4) Is the Mozilla Foundation willing and able to setup an account dedicated to Thunderbird for use in managing donations? If so, what would be the requirements of governance of that account, and rules for expenditures from that account?

I’m happy to help if useful, as I talk fairly often to the folks behind the fundraising campaign.  Gerv I’m sure is also well connected.

But I don’t think either of us need to gate.  I’ll introduce you by email to those folks.


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