Integrating HeaderToolsLite into Thunderbird

Patrick Cloke clokep at
Tue Dec 10 03:23:30 UTC 2013

On 12/9/2013 10:05 PM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Patrick Cloke wrote, On 10.12.2013 03:36:
>>> fax->email service
>> I've never heard of this and frankly don't understand what that has 
>> to do with this conversation. Can you please elaborate instead of 
>> just assuming people might understand the context in what you're 
>> saying, thanks. 
> (intentionally off list)
> Can I assume you know what a fax is? (Seriously, after your question, 
> I don't know what I can assume.)
> A Google search on these words will give you tons of offers (including 
> explanation), but it's really simple: You get a fax number, and 
> anybody can send you a fax, and the service will accept the incoming 
> fax and send it to you as email with an image or PDF attachment. The 
> subject will typically be "incoming fax from +49-555-224654", and the 
> body just some metadata, the real content is in the attachment.
> More importantly:
> I just tried to welcome somebody to Thunderbird development.
> Please note the OP was directed at Paolo, not you.
(Intentionally on list because I don't know why you split it out and it 
seems like this explanation could be useful to other people)

Yes, I do know what a fax is. That's a ridiculous question. I've found 
your tone in the last couple of emails to be pretty insulting though. 
I'd really appreciate it if you could try to be friendlier.

I've never heard of faxing automatically being converted into an email 
attachment. We use traditional fax machines at work. Please do not 
assume that other people have had all the same experiences as you.

I agree that it is great to welcome new contributors. I'd love to 
increase the number of contributors to Thunderbird! I'm just trying to 
understand whether this is a feature we would really want in Thunderbird 
core or not: I'm concerned asking someone to write a patch before 
understanding whether it would be included or not could be pretty 
deflating. I did not see any use case (and found your email to be kind 
of out of left-field, hence why I asked if this had been discussed 
anywhere else). Thanks for explaining this "feature" of fax systems.


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