Integrating HeaderToolsLite into Thunderbird

kaosmos at kaosmos at
Mon Dec 9 21:00:12 UTC 2013

Hi Ben,

I'm happy that my extension is useful for you and works as expected.
Anyway there was a bug that is fixed now with a new version (0.5),
released today with also new improvements.

I could be interested in integrating these functions in main code, but I
really don't know how to start; moreover the implementation in my
extension is obviously totally in javascript and I'm not sure that it's
the best way to do it. Maybe at the core code level, it could be better to
use also the C++ language (I'm not sure, it's just a doubt).

Regards, Paolo Iacobazzi aka "Kaosmos"

> Hello Paolo,
> thank you for the many Thunderbird extensions that you created.
> I use HeaderToolsLite, and they work very well. I totally need them to
> process my incoming faxes and similar messages, otherwise I completely
> lose oversight.
> Would you be interested to integrate this code into Thunderbird? It
> probably will need some reformatting, and going through review is not
> fun, but OTOH, all Thunderbird users would profit from your changes.
> This is the bugzilla bug:
> Thank you in advance,
> Ben

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