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On Thu, Dec 5, 2013, at 09:16 AM, Andrew Sutherland wrote:

On 12/04/2013 04:54 PM, Kent James wrote:

Bron, could you clarify your affiliation, and what your relationship to
Thunderbird is? Your public information says that you are with
Fastmail, who in turn is owned by Opera, which is a direct competitor
of Mozilla with both browser and email products.

Fastmail is no longer owned by Opera as of September-ish:


Yep - my relationship with Thunderbird is pretty much as an interested
third party.  Having better IMAP clients is a big win both for FastMail
in a commercial sense, and also for the open source Cyrus IMAPd server,
of which I'm on the stearing board and one of the most prolific
programmers in recent years.

As for FastMail - since the purchase, I'm now a part owner and one of
the directors.  We sell a mail service of which high quality, reliable
IMAP service is a major feature.

Aside from generally improving Thunderbird (my wife uses it - I usually
use our web interface because dogfood and all that), it would be nice
for you to have better IMAP support so I don't get so many support
tickets for your bugs :)

The only code I have actually written for Thunderbird was the initial
version of COMPRESS=DEFLATE support, which I did when we added support
on our servers.  I wanted to have a widely deployed client using it -
both for bandwidth savings and so the code path got some serious



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