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Kent James kent at
Wed Dec 4 21:45:38 UTC 2013

On 12/2/2013 8:05 PM, JoeS wrote:
> We need to reconnect with the user base.
> The problem is a lack of confidence in the future of TB, by that base.
> I know we can't fix every whim of the community, but we should show 
> the effort.
> Get that confidence back (with bug fixes, not necessarily feature), 
> and we will get all the donations that we need.
It would be great if concurrent with Thunderbird 31, if we have some 
viable plan to move forward, that we have a simultaneous public 
relations campaign to counter the impression that was left from the very 
badly handled initial announcement of the reduction of Mozilla support 
for Thunderbird.

As for "bug fixes" let's use the word "quality" here instead. The 
tradeoff between features and quality is a tough one. When I look at 
vote counts on bugzilla, I usually find that features-related bugs get 
more interest than quality-related bugs. I also know that in my own use 
of Thunderbird, there are certain missing features that I find 
frustrating, but quality problems are not a significant issue. But my 
personal anecdotes do not justify any specific project priority. Within 
the proposal, the smaller "Finance and Operations" group has the 
responsibility to decide overall project priorities, and to direct 
resources to those issues. So the time for advocate for increased 
emphasis on quality would be when that group is formed, and has some 
resources available to allocate.


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