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Hi All,

On 30/11/13 00:21, Vincent wrote:
> Houps, it seems that I forget to follow this message to the list...
> On 29/11/13 09:31, Vincent wrote:
>> Just wanted to add that our first minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has 
>> published a famous circular related to free software where we find 
>> this recommendation (page 17 of the document):
>>     /A simple rule to be applied would be to reinject systematically
>>     from 5 to 10 percent of the avoided licensing costs. This allows
>>     one to contribute in a useful way in all cases, to not put at
>>     risk the economic gain of using Free Software, without
>>     systematically performing a thorough study of comprehensive gain.
>>     /
>> Full document available here (in english): 
>> http://www.april.org/sites/default/files/20130319-ayrault-memorandum-english-translation.pdf

Great read, thanks for sharing. A couple of other topical excerpts, with 
added emphasis:
//"...Participation in dynamics of Free Software is linked to 
contribution: the user, //*especially the*//**//*professional user*//, 
must not limit him- or herself to profiting from the system; they must 
maintain the model by reinjecting a part of their profits in one form or 

/"...Certain software vendors play at the margins of the Free Software 
model, managing a version called "enterprise" or "premium" under a 
proprietary classic license and a version called "communal" under a Free 
license, which is, however, often out of date compared to the other 
version. This is the model called "Freemium". These free software 
programs, driven by an editor more than by a community, must be used 
with caution since they are at constant risk of reverting to a 
proprietary mode//l"/

> Maybe it would worth to try to ask them how they could help 
> Thunderbird and secure its development? But it would require that we 
> still have contacts there. Does anybody know?

I think it's absolutely worth it. If the future of Thunderbird really is 
as dire as all that, then seeking sponsorship/support/alignment with 
existing organisations amenable to free software would seem to be one 
logical course of action.

> On 04/12/13 05:35, John Crisp wrote:
>> To be honest, I don't REALLY like them, but I understand that 
>> something has to be done. It isn't that palatable, then then what are 
>> the other choices? At least it is a step in the right direction. 

Two other suggestions have been made, one of which looking back through 
the list archives has been raised before. Both however require a lot 
more hard graft than landing an always-on donation button in a future 


Dave Koelmeyer

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