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John John at
Tue Dec 3 18:47:34 UTC 2013

> On 2013-12-03 12:40 PM, John <John at> wrote:
>> I agree that Mozilla does not care about Thunderbird. In an increasingly
>> cloud based world, I think they feel that, there is no place for desktop
>> software, any desktop software.
> So... what, exactly, is 'Firefox'? Chopped liver?
For Firefox the desktop application, YES.
Not immediately but in the long run yes. It will be replaced by Firefox 
OS and whatever cloud based infrastructure Mozilla embraces or provides.
> ;)
> I'm just saying... the desktop isn't going anywhere for a long time...

In the consumer market, and that the market that counts, the desktop is 
being replaced by the smart phone/tablet. After all who wants to lug a 
PC or even a laptop around, when at home why use another device.  My 
understanding is that there are already more smart phones out there than 
there are PCs, furthermore the sales of smartphones is increasing while 
the sales of PCs is declining sharply. I give the desktop less than five 
years in this market.

In the corporate market the desktop PC is already being replaced by the 
"smart" terminal. Here the case even stronger, ease of maintenance (fix 
at the server and its fixed for everyone) and that includes things like 
OS updates/upgrades, security - no data on the desktop, less chance of 
data theft (the terminals I have seen have no ports), lower cost(I have 
seen smart terminals priced at around $190). Here the speed of change is 
limited by things like write off periods, upgrades to corporate 
infrastructure, redevelopment/replacement of corporate systems by cloud 
capable ones.

There is another trend that is just being recognized and that is the use 
of AI type systems to perform corporate tasks. Some of these do away 
with the need for the for the desk and the person behind it. Think 
Google smart car running your Bank.

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