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John John at
Tue Dec 3 17:40:11 UTC 2013

On 03/12/2013 11:35 AM, John Crisp wrote:
> Mozilla don't really care that much about TB. If it stays as is, it 
> will wither on the vine for lack of leadership, direction and focus.
I both agree and disagree.
I agree that Mozilla does not care about Thunderbird. In an increasingly 
cloud based world, I think they feel that, there is no place for desktop 
software, any desktop software. This is one of the reasons for the 
development of the Firefox OS. Further I am not at all sure that there 
is a place for email in the future of communications. I have heard of a 
number of companies that are replacing email with other forms of more 
immediate messaging (teleconferencing, SMS, etc). Their reasoning is 
that email has become a bit of a buck passing tool, send and forget and  
a way of avoiding necessary interaction and  decision making.

I disagree in that I believe that Mozilla is very concerned about the 
resources that TB consumes. I suspect that Mozilla woluld dearly like to 
move all the development work both paid and volunteer away from TB 
toward the development of Firefox OS and its features.

Maybe the future of TB is in the development of server side mail system 
with a web based GUI, a la Roundcube, Squirrelmail.

> But corporations and companies do. That is a world of difference. 
> Companies will do what they can to cut their costs and increase their 
> profits. 
One of the main reasons for going to cloud based solutions. Think of the 
cost savings involved in not having to roll out upgrades to 20,000 PCs, 
when with a cloud based app it can be fixed at the centre and everybody 
is brought up to date.

 From the perspective of the individual cloud based solutions may not be 
such a good idea. If you put all your data and communication in the 
hands of X then you are X's slave. Trying to get your data back may be 
very difficult and  switching to another cloud provider may be next to 

This is the main reason for my wanting apps like TB to succeed.


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